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Komodo and Lesser Sunda islands have become one of the popular off the beaten track destinations in Indonesia. It is about a one hour flight from Bali - Indonesia's world famous destination. Despite being so close to Bali, Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands are unspoilt and relatively unexplored. The destination consists of hundreds of small islands with Flores and Sumba being the two largest islands.

One of the most popular attractions in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands is the Komodo Dragon, the only living prehistoric giant lizard exist in the world. It made UNESCO in 1991 declare Komodo National Park as a World Heritage Site. Komodo National Park consists of two main islands, Komodo Island and Rinca Island, where Komodo dragons made them their natural habitat. The water of Komodo National Park is now one of the popular dive destinations in Indonesia. Diving Komodo is superb. Crystal clear water with rich underwater life of various soft corals and marine animals, from Manta Rays in Manta Valley, to various tropical fish and occassional whales passing the waters of Komodo National Park.

Flores Island is the gateway to Komodo National Park. Flores Island offers rich cultural attractions set in beautiful natural settings with soaring volcanoes, coloured volcanic lakes of Kelimutu, cloud forests and much more. From East to West one can find eight major ethnic groups with their own cultural patterns and traditional houses. From Langobelen - the traditional house of Lamaholot in East Flores, to Sao Ria of Lio ethnic next to Kelimutu colored lakes to Sao Meze of Ngadha ethnic in Bena village in Central Flores, to Mbaru Gendang or Mbaru Wunut in Waerebo of Manggarai ethnic in West Flores The island is also the place where Homo Floresiensis eas excavated a few years ago and shook the world's paleoanthropologists. The controversy continues to divide scientists.

Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands Hotel offers various Komodo hotels and Lesser Sunda Islands hotels, from four room homestays to five star hotels to accommodate you on your trip to explore the island's cultural and natural attractions.

Sumba Island, as one of the two main islands on Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands destination offers visitors with the rich cultural delight of the only living Stone Culture in existence. There are huge carved stone tombs and colourful funeral ceremonies where the noble families of Sumba Island erect huge stone tombs for their beloved parents. The traditional house of Sumba is one of the unique indigenous architecture in Indonesia. The roofs are as high as coconut trees built to reflect the cosmogony concepts of Sumbanese according to the Marapu animistic religion. Sumba Island has plenty of white sand beaches stretching for kilometers waiting for its visitors to enjoy. Yet because of its location bordering the Indian Ocean in the south, Sumba Island offers various world-class surfing spots such as in Tarimbang, Kailala and Nihiwatu.

Book your hotel or Guest Houses in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands and we will be more than happy to show you the cultural and natural attractions of our destination. The links below give you various choices of Hotels in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands:

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