Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands tours

Komodo National Park is home of the only living dragon in the world. It is located in Lesser Sunda Islands just one hour flight East of Bali. Komodo tours offer an exploration of the natural wonder of Komodo National Park, from trekking the islands tracing the dragons in their natural habitat to enjoying the crystal clear waters of Komodo and the exotic life under the sea.

We have listed our recommended tours of Komodo to allow travelers to enjoy Komodo & Lesser Sunda Island destination. Flores Island is the nearest island to Komodo National Park, offering a rich variety of cultural and natural attractions. Here, travellers can see the incredible sights, like the BenaMegalithicVillage, KelimutuColoredLakes and the prehistoric cave of LiangBua where the Homo Floresiensis was excavated. Of course, exploring the white sand beaches on the deserted small islands make for an excellent day as well.

To enrich your Komodo tours, the visit to Sumba Island nearby is worth considering. Stone culture is still alive in Sumba. Noble families keep burying their elders on the huge carved stone tombs and hundreds, even thousands of people participate in colorful funeral ceremonies where buffaloes and horses are slaughtered to ease the way of the deceased to the next life. As locals to our destination, we are happy to help you plan your Komodo tour, so don't hesitate to ask us for any recommendations as you plan your Komodo holiday!  

Our Recommended Tours

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