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About Us is a wholly owned business unit of the WHL Group ( Limited ...also known simply as WHL). The WHL Group is a private company incorporated in Hong Kong and is owned and operated by a team from Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Lebanon, the USA, and Vietnam. The business is the original business of the WHL Group and started life as a development project in the Mekong region trying to find a way to get travel product from the developing world online and able to be transacted just as it is in the West. We ended up (after several false starts) with the membership model we have today.

With this model we have local partners in the destinations who do all the things best done locally (including working directly with the local accommodation providers and with travellers) and does all the things best done centrally (technology, web marketing etc.).

The result ......we're having a great time building this truly unique family of passionate and caring people around the world. Generally we seek out experienced local tour operators as our local partners, although occasionally we also work with local industry associations or NGOs. In every case they are people with an intimate knowledge of tourism in their destination and people we are proud to be working with. You can read their stories on the destination sites in the "your local connection" box.

Our Vision:
To provide innovative technology & travel service solutions to our network partners, enabling them to be the e-marketplace of choice for independent travellers, in the destinations they service.

Our Mission: Offering a unique online booking service to both travellers and travel service providers by marrying the best of what can be done locally (local knowledge, local relationships, respect for local environment) with best practices in global marketing, technology and information systems that are appropriate for use in all countries.

Our Values: WHL is committed to win-win-win outcomes for all stakeholders, including staff of WHL and member marketplaces, travellers and local communities. In seeking good outcomes and sustainable practices, WHL policies are in accord with the principles of win-win-win and doing no harm based on:

- Respect and care for individuals
- Respect for cultures
- Respect and care for the environment
- Open and honest management
- Ongoing learning and transfer of capabilities

The logo

There are three elements in the logo:

The SPIRAL is known in nature and from the earliest human cultures. To it relates to journey, discovery, connection and finding home.

The HUMAN HAND represents human life and its unique power of communication, creativity and personal touch. For it conveys caring, interaction and experiencing.

The LEAF is a symbol of the natural environment, diverse but united across the planet, like We see it signifying our shared responsi­bility for peace, health and healing.


 is in proud partnership with the following companies
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