Aleppo Tours

No trip to Syria is complete without a tour of Aleppo. A city with incredible history, Aleppo has a vibrant tempo, ancient landmarks and a citadel that was once a fortress so grand that it protected not only Aleppo but all of the Levantine region. There is a rich culture here and the streets are teaming with restaurants and cafes- ensure you try local culinary favourites Aleppine Kibbe and Mazza. We have listed our locally recommended Aleppo tours to guarantee that you make the most of your Syria holiday.

And there is much to see outside of the city- the surrounding strongholds of Krak des Chevaliers and Margat Citadels are incredible sights that tower on high summits and were once formidable against crusader hordes. Arwad Island is a Phoenician settlement on the Syrian coastline, where many events occurred in human history's timeline. Also, Ugarit, Ebla, and The Dead Cities all reveal acres of ancient archeological history and the birthplace of alphabetical signs.  

Taking a Palmyra tour or Bosra tour allows travellers to see sites with magnificent Roman influence. Palmyra, also alongside Apamea, was a Hellenic state conquered by the one and only Alexander the Great. Mari marks the Mesopotamian civilization's might, another amazing archeological site. But most Syria tours start in Damascus, the capital city inhabited from 5th millennium BC till today. We invite you to enjoy a tour to Aleppo, Damascus, Palmyra, and to the rest of Syria, a country with such splendour, serenity, sweetness, and superiority you'll never want to leave.

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