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Considering the vast land mass that Argentina occupies and that its altitude ranges from the highest point in the southern and western hemispheres to the lowest point in South America, there is quite a variety of undertakings to aptly fill a vacation itinerary. Nature lovers can venture to the south of the world and revel in the delights that Patagonia beholds, peer over the remarkable Iguassu Falls, trek to the summit of Aconcagua at a breathtaking (literally) 6,995 metres, or tool around the Lakes District. If it is the city life that you fancy, this country has some great options in store as well; in the exciting capital of Buenos Aires one can dabble in the tango, put yourself up in a world-class Argentina hotel, sip maté on an avenue with a European aura, or poke around the extensive flea markets and antique shops. The activities to see and do as you travel Argentina are quite numerous and could be exhausting, but be sure to save some energy so that at sundown you can hit the streets!

The nightlife in Argentina is arguably one of the best in the world and is a site to see in and of itself. The party scene is embedded in the Argentine culture and these friendly people are always willing to add folks to the fiesta. The discotheques stay open into the wee hours of the night, even in small towns throughout the country. It might be wise to do as the Argentines do, and take time out midday for a little siesta so that you can party all night long.   

When you travel to Argentina, you can stretch your dollar (or peso) far, especially compared to some of its more expensive South American neighbours. Therefore, some fabulous Argentina hotels are available at quite reasonable prices. The options vary from basic backpacker Argentina hostels to some of the most magnificent hotel names in the world. At these prices, one can also savour prime cuts of beef in one of the exquisite Argentina restaurants without breaking the bank. Natives are big fans of all types of meat down here and depending on what region you are in; there are preferences for beef or lamb. Even with all the meat lovers, vegetarians need not worry since the country is also a major world exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables like kiwis, avocadoes, plums, apples, peaches and pears.
No matter where your travel expedition takes you in Argentina, you are sure to meet some of the most amiable people you have ever met in your life that will make you feel right at home. They are waiting down south to welcome you and it is always best to come and see for yourself. Take a look at our current destinations below as you search for tours and hotels in Argentina:

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