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For many sun worshippers all over the world, paradise on earth goes by the name Boracay. Through the years, Boracay island, located in the middle of the Philippine archipelago has charmed millions of vacationers with its powder white sand beaches, clear turquois waters and its vibrant and hip nightlife. There are beautiful Boracay beaches, loads of Boracay restaurants searving delicious cuisine, and fantastic Boracay hotels that range to suit the budget of any traveller.

Boracay has a diverse range of leisure options that guarantees an unforgettable holiday in the Philippines. During the day, there are countless ways of relaxing: splurge in a Boracay spa, relax on a pristine Boracay beach, go snorkeling, or read the day away. If you prefer excitement, join the locals in a game of beach football, volleyball, and Frisbee, or try the many adrenaline-pumping options such as Boracay kiteboarding, helicopter tours, Boracay diving, Boracay windsurfing, Boracay kitesurfing banana-boating and many other Boracay watersports.

Meanwhile, Boracay island is dotted with numerous charming restaurants and shops. Boracay is known for its extensive range of mouthwatering cuisine, also making it a popular gastronomic destination. The culinary fare is equally exciting featuring a wide range of Boracay restaurants from European, North American, to Japanese and Korean, all fused with Filipino influences in a mouth watering mixture of culture and flavors. Delicious food is to be had for every budget and taste, while at night the front beach in Boracay comes alive with music as each bar lures the traveller to sample some local nightlife.

Most Boracay hotels and resorts have seasonal price levels, with high season prices from November to May and a low season from June to October. Majority of Hotels and Resorts have peak period pricing during the Christmas, New Year and Holy Week Holidays.

From luxury Boracay villas to backpacker Boracay lodges, we have excellent Boracay hotels for every budget. Being located on the island itself is an advantage as we know the best Boracay hotel deals around.  Accommodation in Boracay ranges from $25-30 in popular budget accommodations such as Panorama Boracay, to $280 up for luxury Boracay hotels such as Discovery Shores. We also have a range of private luxury Boracay villas for rent, ideal for travellers who are looking for more privacy and a homier feel. The villas are mostly located by Mt. Luho, such as Villa Santorini, Villa Tradewinds, and Villa Mariposa, with each having stunning views of the sea.

Our team at Boracay Travel are residents of the island and have true insider information of hotels in Boracay and activities. We have worked with all the Boracay resorts and have good working relationships with them, so you can be assured of getting honest and first-hand information for all your bookings.  We also promote sustainable tourism on the island, encouraging accommodation providers and tourists alike to travel responsibly and save the island for future generations to enjoy.

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