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The shear area that Brazil occupies on the South American continent can understandably be a little overwhelming as a traveller sets out to develop an itinerary of the hot spots. The awesome, awe-inspiring, spellbinding sights to see range from the cascading waterfalls of Iguassu Falls to the thrilling nightlife of Rio de Janeiro or the diverse Amazon Jungle. The vistas that Brazil offers certainly deserve the attention, but the people of this diverse country undoubtedly steal the show. The culture of Brazil has melded the blood of Portuguese settlers with the native indigenous population, mixed with the descendants of the once slave populations brought from Africa; this intermingling of cultures has become distinctly Brazilian and lingers in the gastronomy options, dance rhythms and general zest for life.

If you plan to travel to Brazil, you should consider spending over a month here due to the incredible diversity of experiences available. While Brazil is celebrated for its soccer and carnival, there is a lot more to do!

With the amount of varied destinations throughout the country, it comes as no surprise that there are equally as many options of Brazil hotels to lay one's weary head after an exhausting day of sightseeing. Travellers can opt for all the luxury of a well-known 5-star accommodation in the thick of things in Brasilia or a small privately owned pousada on the remote island of Ilha do Mel, where cars are left on the mainland and the major mode of transportation is walking. After a little rejuvenation in whichever hotel is chosen, get out on the town and meet the Brazilians! This country is famous for its parties and it is sure to exceed expectations.  

There is no best time to travel to Brazil, and Brazil is good at any season of the year. While beaches are always warm, the heritage and landscapes are friendly even during bad weather.

Each region within Brazil contains distinctive tastes and flavours which have developed from the differing cultural influences and local ingredients available. Depending on where in the country, the traditional food can range from African plantation inspired dishes to tropical fruit and alligator meat. The national meal, called Feijoada, is served in countless Brazil restaurants; it contains a mixture of black beans, pork and farofa. There will be plenty of opportunities to try out foreign combinations that will delight the palate for adventurous tasters and the less courageous can find an agreeable meal in one of the many Brazilian restaurants offering international cuisine.

In a country of this size, transportation around the nation can be a challenge since the distances to cover are so far. If visitors are trying to see many sites around Brazil in a short period of time, one might consider purchasing an Airpass; this can be the most economical option to make the most of the time available. Generally, travellers arrive from international destinations by plane; the most popular national airline is TAM. There are plenty of options for travelling on the ground as well and, if you have the time, this is the best way to see all the beautiful in-between landscapes that might otherwise be overlooked.

The possibilities are endless in Brazil! A perfect holiday awaits you, whether you see yourself sunbathing on an immaculate beach or sipping a fresh squeezed juice of abacaxi, açaí, or papayas on the streets of Belo Horizonte; an unforgettable experience laced with a rich culture is guaranteed here in South America. 

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