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Travelling to Borneo, then don’t miss out on visiting Brunei to complete your holiday! Brunei occupies the smallest area among her neighbors which comprises of the Sabah and Sarawak states of Malaysia and Kalimantan of Indonesia, which together make up the whole island of Borneo. Despite the small size, Brunei is rich in oil and gas. Tourism in Brunei is relatively new, and as such you are still able to experience the authenticity of this cultural destination. People are warm in hospitality and sincere in welcoming visitors, and the country is full with mysteries waiting to be discovered and explored – the history, Malay culture and heritage, tropical rainforests, the proboscis monkey, Brunei Sultan’s grand palace and more. Travelling to Brunei is pleasant throughout the year, although November to January has more rain than the other months.

Brunei offers a whole range of Brunei hotels from budget Brunei hotels and guesthouses to luxury hotels and resorts in Brunei. The Brunei Hotel which sits adjacent the river bank downtown offers travellers a convenient location to explore the vicinity of the town centre, while the Empire Hotel, the only beach resort in Brunei, will be a great hideaway for family holidays, honeymooners or leisure travellers. The price of Brunei hotels ranges from USD50 to USD280 to meet your budget and requirement.

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