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Chile is a slender country, but it's long. It spans half of the South America continent, which can be equated to the distance from New York to San Francisco or Edinburgh to Baghdad, but it's only 240km at its widest point. The main obstacle to hurdle when you travel to Chile is a lack of time when trying to see all ‘must-see' recommended sights. Most people visit Santiago in the centre and then head to the far reaches of Patagonia to witness the awesome Torres del Paine (Towers of Pain), but this inevitably leaves thousands of kilometres in the middle of unexplored lakes, countless islands, active volcanoes, high soaring mountains, glaciers, the driest desert in the world, geysers, and thickly dense forests. So, the obvious solution is to stay more than the usual allotted vacation, which certainly won't be a chore once you settle in with the hospitable Chileans in one of the countless hotels in Chile

This southern destination has, undoubtedly, one of the most advanced touristic infrastructures on the continent, and one can meet any need or whim desired. Travellers can go local and cheap by staying in a hospedaje or shell out the big bucks to stay in a top of the line Chile hotel. If you fancy staying in a unique Chile accommodation like no other, check out the palafito houses that are typical on the island of Chiloe. These are houses built on stilts as a measure to better utilize the coastline and not only create picture perfect postcards, but also offer cosy beds and amenities for the chilly nights. 

The Chilean cuisine is stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies from the fertile central belt of the country and there is plenty of seafood to go around with such easy access to the Pacific Ocean. There are Chile restaurants to suit every budget and travellers can dine on the characteristic foods which mainly consist of meat, rice, potatoes and bread; or go for the diverse options of international cuisine available everywhere. While walking the streets, one simply must try a completo; this is a hot dog piled high with avocado, tomatoes, sauerkraut and whatever condiments you like. When looking for something typical to wash down all the good food, the obvious option is to sample the delicious native Chilean wine at very reasonable prices. The Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon and the white wines from the Casablanca Valley are steadily gaining worthy reputations. 

Getting to and from all the beautiful sights is a relatively easy and organized undertaking. Most of the international flights head into Santiago and from there, other domestic flights are options to cut down on travel time, most people take the buses like the locals, or one could rent a car. There are fleets of buses running the length of the country and they range in price depending on the level of comfort. The bus trips can be lengthy because of Chile's shape, but the roads are decent and taking a trip through the night is agreeable because one can sleep the whole trip and wake up in a new destination. 

With all the amazing things to see and do in Chile, one is sure to have an unforgettable Chile holiday. But, the best way to learn about this country is to get down here to explore and chat with the locals. Feel free to contact your local connections in Chile, and feel free to ask about Chile hotels as you plan to tour Chile

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