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Damascus, the crown jewel of the Levant, has history reaching back more than a decade of centuries and the oldest city in the world that is currently inhabited. A city of cultures and history, cuisines, scenery, romance and charming Damascus hotels, this is one place that is has marvelous sights and smells, as it is renowned as the City of Jasmine.

This city was the home of numerous civilizations and nations and one can learn about Mediterranean empires while strolling through the streets and enjoying the glamour and magic of the well-preserved history. The picture above, supplied by the courtesy of the Syrian Ministry of Tourism, is the picture of Qasir Al Azem.

is a city with unbeatable history: The Omayyad Mosque has ruins that indicate it was a temple from three millenniums back, a church in Byzantine times, and a mosque that has renovations pertaining to Mamluke and Ommiad eras;  simply, it is a timeline of many historical events in just one place!

Old Damascus area is whole district that still preserved for more than 4 centuries; there are many boutique hotels in Damascus that range between $200-$400 a night makes one experience the rich Damascene culture and live in it. As your whl.travel local connection, one can book these Damascus hotels for much lower price.

food such as kibbe, taboluieh, baba ganouj, ma'adem, and hafati are best experienced by your own taste buds than words. There is a Syrian saying that says, "the closest way to a man's heart is his stomach!"

transportation facilities and travel booking offices are available everywhere in this city. The Damascus International Airport is less than one hour away from Damascus' city center and there are cheap public transportation options to get to and from the airport. 

Getting visas for Syria to enjoy the Damascus travel adventure is very easy; any passport, especially European and American passports, can get an immediate visa in the airport or land border with no hindrance and problem. 

One needs one month or even a lifetime to see all that the country has to offer, with Damascus hotels and Damascus tours offered at rock bottom rates. Don't hesitate to contact us as you plan your Damascus holiday!

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