Damascus Tours

Welcome to a world of wonder! Damascus, Syria, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, has endless sights to see. From Roman relics to Arabian architecture, Damascus attractions always amaze all who travel to Syria. As locals, we have listed our recommended Damascus tours that allow travellers to see the authentic side of our incredible city!

We suggest you also travel to Palmyra, another picture perfect place with Roman grace and a pleasant spot to relax and don't miss a tour to Bosra, another Roman marvel and a lovely place to travel. The central region of Syria has Homs, Hama, Krak des Chevaliers, and Apamea, a place you can discover history from the Crusades to Alexander the Great! For history buffs, this is a place where you can find answers to every historical debate! As your whl.travel local connection, don't hesitate to ask for any recommendations to as you search for tours in Damascus! We can offer you firsthand advice about what to see in do and are happy to assist you in anyway if you wish to travel to Damascus!

After you visit Damascus, you should also tour Aleppo - a city with a vibrant tempo, colossal citadel and lovely landmarks that give it its immense historical intensity.  We recommend you visit remnants of Ugarit, Mari, Sergiopolis, and Ebla Necropolis and discover the story of human history! 

Our Recommended Tours

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