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It’s all about the Local Connection ...

To bring you the most interesting and unique variety accommodation, tours and activities, we have teamed up with locals in every destination we service.

Not anyone can run a portal. Our local partners are hand selected due to their destination expertise and their company values.

Rest assured that our local partners know all of the great places to stay and things to do. Through their platform, they are able to bring these products to you. You can mix and match tours and hotels to create your idea of a dream holiday.

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Makassar and Toraja partner

Book hotels and tours in Makassar and TorajaMakassar is the place where I start my involvement in tourism back in 1987. I start my tourism life as a Tour Guide from 1987 to 1991. In 4 years duty as a tour guide I have been conducting clients in average 20 days a month, which is equivalent to 5 times conducting a four days Toraja package tour. Since then I never have been away from the tourism of Makassar & Toraja.

Makassar is my home base now. Our products are mainly combination of Culture Interest to Nature Attraction. Incito tour is built based on my years of experiences in handling international visitors to Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands especially Europeans.

Toraja is one of the very unique culture in the world. It lures European visitors since 1970s  yet it less known to most of the world due to its remoteness. To enrich visitors experiences Incito Tour combines Toraja with other points of interests, such as Bada Valley and Togian Islands in Central Sulawesi. Whilst Makassar is the gateway of Sulawesi Island which also known as Celebes Island. Sulawesi is home to many endemic fauna – which never found in other places in the world. To name some: Anoa – the dwarf buffalo with antelope like horns and Babirusa – the wild boar with long tusks seen as horn from afar



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