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It’s all about the Local Connection ...

To bring you the most interesting and unique variety accommodation, tours and activities, we have teamed up with locals in every destination we service.

Not anyone can run a portal. Our local partners are hand selected due to their destination expertise and their company values.

Rest assured that our local partners know all of the great places to stay and things to do. Through their platform, they are able to bring these products to you. You can mix and match tours and hotels to create your idea of a dream holiday.

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Porto de Galinhas, the paradise in Pernambuco | Trip Noronha, your local travel agency.

Trip Noronha, Porto de Galinhas, BrasilOlá from Pedro Paulo Capelossi and Trip Noronha...your local travel agency in the beautiful Porto de Galinhas.

The Porto de Galinhas booking portal is locally owned and operated by Brazilians that market northeast Brazil as a natural outgrowth of what they love to do. This group began their coverage in Fernando de Noronha, but an obvious need for more information about the beautiful beach of Porto de Galinhas has led them to extend their business practices to cover more of the Brazilian coast. This destination has the best beach holidays in store with a perfect combination of sun, sand and a relaxed atmosphere.

Porto de Galinhas receives about 300,000 tourists a year and has been voted the best Brazilian beach for the last 9 years successively by Viagem e Turismo Magazine. As of now, this beach mainly consists of hotels and pousadas that are not concerned about their sustainability towards the environment or local people. For this reason, Trip Noronha has hand-picked partners that are taking measures to enhance the responsible travel available in the form of recycling, solar energy systems, hiring local people along with dispensing education about the local culture to their guests.

We are also promoting our vision of sustainable tourism to influence other accommodations and tour providers. Visit our website to know more



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