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It’s all about the Local Connection ...

To bring you the most interesting and unique variety accommodation, tours and activities, we have teamed up with locals in every destination we service.

Not anyone can run a portal. Our local partners are hand selected due to their destination expertise and their company values.

Rest assured that our local partners know all of the great places to stay and things to do. Through their platform, they are able to bring these products to you. You can mix and match tours and hotels to create your idea of a dream holiday.

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Viare Turismo, your local connection in São Paulo, Brazil!

Viare Turismo Criativo Viare Turismo Criativo was built on the philosophy that a travel package should be a wide-ranging whole that introduces visitors to a new place via the local culture. The team at Viare Turismo Criativo are eager to introduce you to the culture of Sao Paulo through culinary courses, soccer clinics, and other local Sao Paulo tours.

Viare Turismo Criativo has strong fundamental values that align with the Millennium Declaration of the United Nations, including the fostering of freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature, and shared responsibility.

The organization takes great strides to promote responsible tourism in Sao Paulo, both environmentally and socially. In addition to partnering with environmentally aware Sao Paulo hotels, Viare Turismo Criativo makes sure to recycle and manage waste in responsible ways.

The organization is owned and managed by Leyla Spada, a native Brazilian with a passion and flair for local tourism in Sao Paulo.

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