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Fiji is an incredibly beautiful archipelago of over 322 islands and over 500 islets, less than half of which are inhabited. The breathtaking landscape, vegetation and seascapes that you come across in Fiji often have you pinching yourself in disbelief. Travellers looking for an ideal getaway should travel to Fiji, an island with stunning beauty, excellent cuisine and a wide-range of Fiji hotels .

Because of its central Pacific location and the fusion of South Pacific island communities with other ethnicities that reside in the country, Fiji is thought of as the hub of the South Pacific.  The exotic diversity of Fijian, Indian, Chinese, South Sea Islanders and European cultures along with miles and miles of pristine beauty is what makes the Fiji Islands a unique South Pacific destination.   With all of these mixes of peoples come an interesting and delicious range of local cuisines -- from seafood and tropical fruits to calm European staples and invigorating South Indian curries.

The Fiji Islands enjoy a tropical climate with an average temperature of about 30°C all year round. The warm dry winters are between May and November, and humid and wet summers from December to April.  The best time of the year for perfect Fiji weather is during the winter months when temperatures are slightly cooler.

Throughout the Fiji islands there is an attractive selection of Fiji hotels, Fiji resorts and private Fiji villas.  Because we are a local operation, we have taken special care to find Fiji accommodation and Fiji tours that provide our guests the best possible value, whether it be an exclusive Fiji five-star resort or a remote off-the-beaten-track Fiji hostel.

We recommend the following Fiji accommodations if you're planning for your Familyfuntrip - Shangri-La's Fijian Resort, Castaway Island Resort, or Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji. If you are coming for a Fiji honeymoon or a Fiji wedding, we suggest Nukubati Island Resort, Matamanoa Island Rebsort, or Viwa Island Resort. For those travellers who are seeking something along the lines of a Fiji Luxury island resort, try Nukubati Island Resort, Likuliku Lagoon Resort, or Maravu Plantation Resort. And for budget travellers, there are some cheap Fiji hotels that offer a good bargain, such as  Nanuya Island Resort, Octopus Island Resort or Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages.

Trust us to offer you the best service and find that perfect place for your dream Fiji holiday.  After all, not only are we based in Fiji, our office is located right at Nadi International Airport and proudly staffed by Fiji Islanders. So come and experience a slice of heaven on earth and book your Fiji accommodation, Fiji tour and Fiji transfers at

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