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The Solomon Islands have been described as ‘Something Completely Different,' and ‘The Happy Isles' over time,  as well as referred to in many classic books portraying a Pacific Paradise ‘Lost In time'. With 992 islands stretching over 1400 km, visitor numbers are small compared to some of our pacific neighbours which suits the appeal of the local cultural mix of shy, friendly locals. Today, people from all over the world to experience this Pacific paradise and its beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and to escape in one of the charming Solomon Islands hotels.

Remnants of Pacific WWII history are found by land and sea, and a rich cultural history originating from settlers 4000-5000 years ago is evident in their daily subsistence life today including farming and food collection, artificial island and house construction, crafts, and musical instruments.

Travellers can find a Solomon Islands hotel in the capital Honiara, with five star comfort  as well as more cheap Solomon Islands hotels and Solomon Islands guesthouses and motels. In the rural areas of the nine provinces, there's an interesting selection of hotels in Solomon Islands, motels, rustic Solomon Islands lodges and family village stays. Here travellers can engage in activities like diving in the Solomon Islands, snorkelling, bird and butterfly watching, sea kayaking and mountain hiking.

Many of the fantastic Solomon Islands accommodation options are located in idyllic settings offering uninterrupted ocean or forest views and access to dense tropical forests with many endemic  fauna and flora species. The marine life of the Solomon Islands, which is within the Coral Triangle is renowned for its fish and coral diversity. Crowds are not a problem here.

As the local connection to these marvellous  Solomon Islands accommodations and Solomon Islands tours options, we are pleased to assist with your arrangements through www.solomonislands-hotels.travel  to both major centres such as Honiara, Gizo, Munda and Auki,  or the more remote Solomon Islands resorts such as Uepi Island and Wilderness Lodge in the Marovo Lagoon; and the various unique Village Stays offering an opportunity to step back in time and experience life through the eyes of village people. We are also supporters of sustainable development initiatives and work together with local NGOs to achieve the goal.

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