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A POWERFUL E-COMMERCE TOOL TO SELL YOUR DESTINATION ONLINE is about connecting independent travellers (experienced travellers who like journeying off the beaten track and are tired of the “plain vanilla” travel options) to local inbound tour operators who know all the great products and services these travellers like (the interesting small hotel or homestay, a trek on the back trails away from the crowds, the restaurant serving fresh local produce and a favourite with the locals). achieves this connection by providing our local partners a very sophisticated e-commerce platform to load product information (accommodation, tours, transport etc.) and process bookings. then markets this product via a mix of distribution channels (SEO; global, regional and local affiliate partners; and WHL network referrals) to drive traffic and bookings.

The result is a unique web-based e-business solution allowing genuine market access for smaller hotels, guesthouses and tour operator- particularly those in developing countries and emerging markets. local partners deliver unique, authentic and memorable travel products and experiences.

Why join combines the best of what can be done locally (local partners who are passionate about their destination, know it intimately, and have a great reputation with both travellers and local suppliers) with the best of what can be done at the global level (world ...

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We are looking for people who:

Are already active players in their local inbound tourism industry, preferably operating their own tour/travel company and having a web site.

Are able to provide evidence that their existing business is trading profitably and has a stable earnings history.

Have the resources (staff, internet access etc.) to support this new line of business.

Enjoy a good reputation amongst suppliers (accommodation providers, tour guides etc.) for being honest, responsive, and fair.

Have experience in dealing with the independent travel market. Have a strong interest in building a sustainable tourism industry in their given destination, and to working with and supporting smaller local accommodation providers.

Have a good command of the English language (written and spoken).

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