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Located in Southeast Asia between Vietnam to the East and Thailand to the West, Laos is a landlocked country of only 6.5 million people. Once called the "Land of a Million Elephants", Laos is an enchanting country with a beautiful countryside and a diverse combination of regional ethnic groups. People who travel to Laos, are easily charmed by its laid-back atmosphere, friendly people, and unrivalled beauty, unlike anywhere else in Asia. With delicious Laotian cuisine, beautiful UNESCO Heritage Sites, and comfortable Laos hotels, it is no wonder why Laos becoming a popular offbeat choice amongst intrepid travellers.

Although the largest city in Laos, Vientiane is still quite small and the definitely the most relaxed capital in Asia. With an international airport that connects direct flights from other Southeast Asian countries, Vientiane is becoming more and more popular.  With beautiful French influenced architecture, markets, restaurants and charming Vientiane hotels, the capital is much more than a hub to explore the rest of the country.

The culture in Laos is displayed throughout the country in its ornate Buddhist temples, traditional folk music, and colourful ethnic groups. The city of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO Heritage Site and considered the cultural capital of Laos, with charming Luang Prabang hotels and numerous restaurants. Here, travellers can step back in time and stroll through the ancient streets and visit many of the temples (wats) and have a chance to chat with the saffron robe clad monks. Or, travellers can go outside the city and visit the clear blue waters of the Kuang Si Waterfall and see the pristine countryside.

Laos offers much for the adventure traveler. The backpackers' haven of Vang Vieng is famous for its water activities, including kayaking, rafting, or tubing in Vang Vieng. This little town, is set on the Nam Song River surrounded by scenic ragged mountains protruding from the earth and water. There are many Vang Vieng hotels and guesthouses that offer cheap, yet comfortable accommodation, along the river - offering the perfect place to chill-out after a long day.

Southern Laos is characterized by old thatched roof houses and centuries old farming techniques. Although not as famous as Angkor Wat of Cambodia, travellers can see the incredible Khmer ruins of Wat Phou just outside Champasak, and also have a chance to witness the famous freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins. With a range of Champasak hotels, travellers can explore the south and easily access the Four Thousand Islands.

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