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In Lebanon you can see the modern present blending with its rich past. The country has always been known for its culture and great civilisations, and with its fast-paced cities, ancient towns, historical monuments, world heritage sites and Lebanon hotels and resorts and it has something for everyone. Here you can enjoy the stunning beauty of a Mediterranean coastline, magnificent mountain ranges and the warmth of its friendly people.

The inhabitants of Lebanon are very fond of entertainment and traditional dances like the sword dances and the dabbke are an intrinsic part of Lebanon's social life.

For a leisurely holiday, you can choose from the many beach resorts in Lebanon on the western coast. The world-famous Békaa Valley is a fertile place which produces rich harvests and is home to some great wineries. Another highlight of Lebanon is the ancient town of Baalbek, which was known as the ‘City of the Sun' in the Greco-Roman period, and the ideal place to visit on a Lebanon tour.

Lebanon is a small country and most of it is served by a good system of transportation, with the cities being well connected. Traffic is heavy in the cities and most people travel via service taxis. A considerable number of these taxis operate on set routes, much like buses. A taxi takes about five passengers and each passenger pays a fifth of the total fare. Private taxis are also available if you'd prefer to travel in Lebanon on your own and pay a negotiated amount.

If you are lucky enough to get invited for a meal to a Lebanese home, don't ever say no. You may be certain to be greeted by truly hospitable people as well as a lavish spread of sumptuous dishes. Good food is a guarantee in Lebanon, especially at the numerous Lebanese restaurants. Try eating the traditional mezzes where you can relish a hot meal of hummus with khibbiz, washed down with clear aniseed-flavoured liquor called Arak.

The country is so full of diversity whether it is culture, religion, history or landscape, that you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday in Lebanon. You can opt for a luxurious stay in a Lebanon hotel or resort, relax on idyllic beaches, climb rugged mountains, visit local villages or marvel at the peaceful countryside.

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