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North Cyprus has a distinct identity as part of the Island of Love (famed as the birthplace of Venus). The the sun shines virtually every day of the year, and castles, standing high above the plains as reminders of the past, inform travellers of the colourful history of this strategically placed Mediterranean island.

Cyprus' history has been somewhat tumultuous because like any desirable woman, there are many who would possess her and take her for their own. As a result of this and its position as a crossroads between East and West, travellers and conquerors of many nations have made their mark. These included Italians, Phoenicians, Achaeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and following a three hundred year period of Ottoman rule, Britain assumed the administration, adding English laws which are still part of today's social order.

More recent history saw the intervention of Turkey in 1974 to bring to an end a particularly difficult situation. Since then the laid back lifestyle for which the island is renowned has taken a firm hold on inhabitants and visitors, providing a relaxing stress-free lifestyle and holiday atmosphere amid beauty but with modern facilities and North Cyprus hotels.

Whatever you are looking for to give you that ideal break, you can find it on the island - sports galore from exploring the depths of the ocean to tandem paragliding from St.Hilarion Castle where Richard the Lionheart's wife would look out to sea from her lofty window; two golf courses; and for children aqua parks to splash happily all day or some go-carting where there are no speeding fines. Hikers can take part in Spring and Autumn walks where the awakening beauty of nature delights the senses.

Historians can explore the stunning castles dating from Crusader Days, and the earlier well preserved castles - Kyrenia and Famagusta - presenting one with a sense of the might and majesty of bygone ages. Even older sites can be found at Kaleburnu, Tatlisu and Salamis, whilst those seeking the spiritual past can visit the tomb of St.Barnabas, the companion of St.Paul, (who also visited Cyprus). Also be stunned by Famagusta's remains which claimed to have 365 churches within its walls in times past, and where Othello's tower can be visited and if you close your eyes, feel the passion of his life and love; visit old monasteries, museums, mosques and visit the museum of the famous Whirling Dervishes, housed at Nicosia. The culture of Cyprus is not forgotten in Folk Art museums where displays of the past remind us how modern Cyprus has evolved without destroying its alluring charm.

The golden beaches are never far away, particularly in the Karpaz area, where wild donkeys can be seen roaming, and time has stood relatively still, and where in particular at Dipkarpaz, you can still find mosques and churches opposite a Greek Coffee shop, loaning its backgammon set to the Turkish shop opposite.

Accommodation of all kinds is available to suit every holiday maker - villas with or without pools; small North Cyprus hotels hugging the sea shore; larger hotels in North Cyprus of the highest international standards offering unbeatable facilities; small family resorts with self catering and the kind of welcome for which North Cyprus is renowned. ‘Hoşgeldiniz' are words you will hear time and time again from smiling patrons who wish to show you all that their homeland has to offer!

This same warm greeting, often accompanied by a typical Mediterranean hug, will meet you at the many restaurants on offer. There is no need to eat at the same place twice as a wide variety of establishments await the hungry reveller after a hard day of sight seeing or swimming.  Typical Cypriot, Turkish, English, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian (Pizza places everywhere), French, and much more cuisine is available, with the variety of food matched by the variety of venue style, from 5 star North Cyprus hotel to local coffee shop, top grade restaurants to popular pizza places. Prices also vary, but all offer value for money.

Plus of course, there are facilities at the end of the holiday to buy souvenirs to remind you of this unique Mediterranean destination, which, as a bonus, is cheaper than many being outside the European Union and having Turkish Lira as its currency, making your break more affordable.

Try North Cyprus where progress is slow (and not always welcome), but where ‘Paradise' can be glimpsed in times past, and in viewing a glorious sunset of today in a land which knows little of the cold (just two months or so) but much of the warmth of its people.

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