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Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, has an interesting mixture of things to see ranging from the mighty Mekong River, to rescued bears and poignant pagodas. Wearing the wounds of Cambodia's turbulent past it also hosts many dark tourist attractions including the S-21 prison of war camp used during the Khmer rouge which is now a living memory of the chilling tales of survivors. In contrast, the Killings Fields offer a peaceful sombre reflection of the many lives lost during the regime.

Cambodia's Capital city Phnom Penh is host to many bustling street cafes reflecting colonial French styled al fresco dining, classic establishments like the FCC, chic boutique Phnom Penh hotels like The Quay and small side street Phnom Penh guesthouses. For the business traveller, properties like Hotel Cambodiana offer fantastic river views and modern meeting and conference facilities.

Your local team from have years of experience from the tourism and hospitality industry in Cambodia and combined with a few passport stamps of their own, they have a balanced view of what works well for travellers and what doesn't. They work closely with Phnom Penh hotels, guesthouses, travel agencies and tour operators to promote responsible and sustainable activities across Cambodia.

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