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90% of our visitors say the Seychelles is the most beautiful place on earth! Whilst it is expensive, difficult and tiring to get to the seychelles - it's located in the middle of the Indian ocean and can only be reached by air - this has allowed the Seychelles to maintain its beauty and remain untouched. It is also this isolation that gives the Seychelles its unique flora and fauna, with over 100 endemic species, from the biggest nut to the smallest frog, 20 different palms, 8 different mangroves, birds, harmless snakes, no wild animals and 115 unique islands.

Seychelles islands are sometimes referred to as the Garden of Eden, not only because of their vast nature reserves and marine parks, but because they are located outside the cyclonic belt and outside the earth quake zone. They have truly been blessed and this is why the government and all stakeholders take pride in preserving and maintaining their environment - an accomplishment that has been recognised worldwide. Recognitions vary from wetland to shark conservation, bird sanctuaries to natural tropical rainforest preservation.

We at Holidays Seychelles recognise the fact that most of our visitors have to save to visit our beautiful islands. Early in 2009 the Seychelles tourism board launched the Seychelles affordable campaign. We at Holidays Seychelles are working closely with this campaign by developing relationships with the smaller establishments and promoting them. Some of these Seychelles hotels, villas or guest houses are finally getting the attention they deserve, from the spiced creole cuisine of Elodie at la diguoise guest house to the simplicity and warm hearted Sylvania at bernique guest house on la digue island.

Planning to visit the Seychelles can be a daunting task... where to stay, which island, how to get there? Holidays Seychelles simplifies all this for you. We have all the necessary amenities in our portfolio to ensure that you are left to enjoy the beauty of the island whilst we take care of the rest. We can organise your events irrespective of where you want to go or want to stay, if you are getting married or enjoying your honeymoon, whether you want to travel by plane, helicopter or by boat, or just wanting a relaxing getaway. By working with Holidays Seychelles you are putting our resources at your disposal.

Being a local company and in line with the affordable Seychelles campaign, Holidays Seychelles can afford to work in real time with the Seychelles hotels, villas or guest houses, meaning that every benefit is transferred to you. We do not have to wait for next year for you to start benefiting and by making your reservation with Holidays Seychelles you are ensuring the continuing improvement of our hotels in Seychelles, our industry and our country.

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