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Swaziland, Swasiland, Kingdom of Swaziland or as the Swazis refer to it themselves: “eSwatini”, this tiny and vibrant country is a must-stop for many vacations to South Africa. Swaziland is also a firm holiday favourite for South Africans looking for a cheap and affordable weekend break. Swaziland travel has matured and the country is now a diverse and hassle-free African destination. Apart from the wide choice of Swaziland hotels the existence of top quality national parks in Swaziland and exciting Swazi adventure activities makes the country more than just a quick stop-over.

Compared to hotels in South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland hotels are cheaper and often more intimate and interesting, such as Foresters Arms Hotel, famed for its 9-course dinners, or the Mountain Inn Hotel, which has an unsurpassed view from the mountainous outskirts of Mbabane. Resorts in Swaziland provide a range of family and corporate activities. The Royal Swazi Sun Hotel, now known as the Royal Swazi Spa, together with its sister hotels, the Lugogo Sun and Ezulwini Sun offer guest access to the championship-grade Royal Swazi Golf Course, a health and beauty spa, as well as a large convention centre and casino. On smaller scale the Hawane Resort uses natural materials and local building styles for its unique Swazi-style accommodation options.

The Swazi people are friendly, welcoming and genuinely interested in visitors, which is why the smaller lodges, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts in Swaziland are a hit with travellers craving interaction with local residents. A Swaziland bed and breakfast may cost anything from ZAR 120- to ZAR 180- per person, whilst lodges in Swaziland, such as Reilly's Rock and Phophonyane Falls Lodge, are great value for money in the ZAR 600.00 to ZAR 850.00 per person range.

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