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The Best Beijing Tours Around at the Hands of Local Travel Experts!

China's capital is the heart and soul of its cultural identity and the centre of everything from politics to international trade to communication. In order to actually see it all, one might as well rent an apartment and settle down because there is so much to see and do in Beijing that staying for only a week might be overwhelming. Checking in with a local travel expert in Beijing is a lifesaver when trying to figure out which Beijing tour to take and how to spend one's time. We have sourced some of the most representative Beijing toursbelow to show all the best Beijing attractions in addition to some of the lesser known corners of this great city.

Urban Adventures can market these Beijing tours to customers as a result of the relationship developed between the WHL Group (a world leading "local" travel company) and Intrepid Travel (a leader in the world of small group travel companies).

We hope you have a great Beijing adventure!

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