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Beirut Tours

With an elaborate history spanning back 5000 years, Beirut has certainly had time to aptly develop their tourism industry! Simply strolling down these ancient alleyways, one can feel the significance of all that has culminated here and admire the resilience of the culture and people. There is no better way to fully understand our city than on a Beirut tour with a local that can fill you in on all the details that might otherwise be overlooked. We will show you the ‘must see' sights along with the lesser known highlights that only a local would be privy to.

Our Beirut day tours are presented to you as an outcome of the affiliation between the WHL Group (the world's chief "local" travel group) and Intrepid Travel (a trendsetter for small group travel companies) and are marketed through Urban Adventures.

We trust that you will have an exhilarating Beirut adventure with us!

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