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Brunei Day Tours

These unique Brunei tours will show you Brunei Culture and tradition in a different light. These tours of Brunei invite travellers to hail a local water taxi to tour around the world largest Malay water village, or walk on the wooden bridges that connect houses built on stilts on the Brunei River to learn and observe the way of life of the villagers. Take a tour around a mangrove forest and see the odd looking Probocis monkey that still co-exists with the local settlements. There is no other Brunei day tour like it!

Our Brunei day tours are presented to you as an outcome of the affiliation between the WHL Group (the world's chief "local" travel group) and Intrepid Travel (a trendsetter for small group travel companies) and are marketed through Urban Adventures. We trust that you will have an exhilarating Brunei adventure with us!

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