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Ho Chi Minh City Tours

An awesomely overpowering culmination of everything Vietnamese has settled in jumbled alleyways and convoluted streets to create Vietnam's largest city of Ho Chi Minh City. A symbol of southern culture, the city formerly known as Saigon has its distinct sights and smells from the rest of the country, and is the place to go when looking for anything from ancient temples near overflowing markets of spices, silks and tasty street food to second hand electronics and new modern skyscrapers. A Ho Chi Minh City tour will make sense of it all and allocate an experienced local guide to show you all the thrilling things to do in Saigon.

These Ho Chi Minh City tours are brought to you as a result of a unique partnership between Intrepid Travel (one of the world's leading small group tour companies) and the WHL Group (the world's leading "local" travel company) and are marketed under the Urban Adventures brand.

Wishing you a great Saigon adventure!

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