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Marrakech Tours

Wake up early with Moroccan medina shop keepers and jump right into the overwhelming sights and sounds that make Marrakech distinctive. With so many twisting alleyways to walk down, countless new foods to try and a myriad of carpets to bargain for - Marrakech can be an awesomely intense encounter. The ideal way to make heads or tails of the city is to sign on with a trusted local connection for a guided Marrakech tour that will direct you through the labyrinth and explain the flow of this ancient metropolis.

These Marrakech trips are brought to you as a result of a unique partnership between Intrepid Travel (one of the world's leading small group tour companies) and the WHL Group (the world's leading "local" travel company) and are marketed under the Urban Adventures brand.

Wishing you a great Marrakech adventure!

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