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Quito Tours

From the ruins of an ancient Incan city, Ecuador's capital of Quito was established in the 16th century and remains to the most well-preserved city capital in all of Latin America. An extensive Quito tour will give you a first-hand look at the exquisite representations of Baroque architecture such as the San Francisco Monastery, Church and Jesuit College of La Compañía and the Old Town centre with the advantage of a local guide to explain all the gritty details. The impressive blend of culture and history is perfectly framed with the gorgeous natural surroundings that envelope the city and there are plenty of exciting things to do around Quito.

All our Quito tours were individually crafted from our partnership between Intrepid Travel (a pioneer in small business tour companies) and the WHL Group (the world's principal "local" travel organization) and are brought to you under the Urban Adventures umbrella.

We hope you have a thrilling Quito adventure!

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