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Thessaloniki Tours

With a vibrant, youthful atmosphere, Greece's cultural capital, Thessaloniki, continues to re-invent itself and dazzle with not only its fascinating history, but also the present day events, concerts, art displays and more to keep the traveller spoilt for options. Thessalonica offers a lot for first time travellers to digest, not only in the way of rich pastries and varied cuisine, but also in the museums and historical records that has given rise to Byzantine walls, towers and ancient churches. On a locally organized Thessaloniki tour, our guides can take you to hidden Greek markets, show you the best in Greek shopping and fill you in on all the insider tips about Thessaloniki.

Through the affiliation created between Intrepid Travel (one of the world's foremost small tour companies) and the WHL Group (the world's leading "local" travel organization), the Urban Adventures brand is able to market these unique Thessaloniki tours to customers.

Come out to enjoy a thrilling Thessaloniki adventure!

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