Let us help you find the best local accommodations in Tibet!

Most travelers don't travel to Tibet to stay in luxury accommodation as the Tibet accommodation infrastructure is not as developed as other Chinese destinations. The best hotels in Tibet tend to be the Lhasa hotels that range from guest houses to top 5-star hotels. We can recommend some very comfortable accommodations in Tibet easily. Keep in mind that many of the 5-star hotels in Lhasaare situated out of the old town area, therefore we usually arrange better located 3-star hotels so that guests can walk around in the old streets and markets without hassle.

In most destinations outside of Lhasa such as Shigatse, Gyantse etc, the local best Tibetan hotels usually rank with 2 or 3 stars. In the higher elevation destinations of Tibet, in remote areas, or close to the border, we normally recommend local Tibet guest houses for our customers.

Though accommodation in Tibet is comparatively limited, most hotel staff are enthusiastic and friendly. They are ready to help whenever necessary.

www.tibet-tours-travel.com is managed by the team from Lhasa ChangThang Yak Travel Service (Tibet Travel Professionals), an officially licensed local tour operator based in Lhasa. We have no problem to help you reserve Tibet hotels in all the local places. It is important to keep in mind that hotels in Tibet must be booked as part of a larger Tibet tour package, we can assist you will the details and logistics. For more information, please email us at info@tibet-tours-travel.com and our trip advisor will help you plan and organize a perfect tour to Tibet.

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