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Standing on the roof of the world, Tibet is one of the astounding places that most people only dream of visiting. Its breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and beautiful lakes, together with its unique and mysterious culture, make Tibet one of the top holiday spots in the world. To many tourists, travelling to Tibetis a life-long dream.

Since Tibet opened its doors to tourists in the 1980s, there are various Tibet tours that have been developed to meet different travellers' requirements. Among them, the most popular tours to Tibet are the Himalayan tours with the visit to Mt. Everest Base Camp where you can see the highest mountain in the world very closely. There are mainly two travel routes to Mt. Everest; one finishes at Lhasa and the other ends right on the Tibet-Nepal border. You can find relevant details on our Tibet tour pages. Our recommendation is to take one of our Everest tours that includes many famous cultural sights and can be extended easily to other stunning places in Tibet.

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are two other of our most attractive places in Tibet. As they are located in the remote Western Tibet, tours there usually require a minimum of 15 days. Also take a look at one of our great cultural tours in Tibet . is managed by the international department of Lhasa ChangThang Yak Travel Service (Online Brand: Tibet Travel Professionals). As an officially licensed tour operator based in Lhasa, we have no problem to help our foreign clients get all necessary Tibet travel permits and organize tours to Tibet. For more information, please email us at and our trip advisors will help you plan and arrange a hassle free tour to Tibet.

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